Customer Pledge

At Arbor Homes we understand that building a new home can be both an exciting and stressful experience. The goal of the Arbor Homes’ team is to have systems and procedures in place to make the building of your new home a positive experience; one on which you will reflect upon fondly after the completion of your home.

What can you expect when you build with Arbor Homes?


♦ That your home will meet or exceed all the standards set by the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI).

♦ All calls to us regarding your new home will be returned within one business day by a Arbor Homes representative.

♦ Your Sales Manager will be in contact with you every two weeks tas a 'check-in' and provide any updates on any financial matters or concerns.

♦ Once construction begins, your Construction Superintendent will be in contact with you weekly, either by text, email or phone to update you and answer any questions you may have regarding the construction of your new home.
♦ We will have 3 formal meetings with you regarding the construction of your new home: a pre-constrction meeting, a pre-drywall meeting and an orientation meeting. Your Construction Superintendent and Quality Control Manager will contact you to schedule your meetings.

Approximately 11 days prior to your closing, our Quality Control Team will go through your house and identify any areas that need improvement. A detailed look at drywall, paint, trim and flooring is all part of the long job of inspecting your home. Our Quality Control team will then coordinate all the repairs needed to have your home 100% complete for your orientation meeting.

45 to 60 days after closing your Warranty Service Manager will visit your home to complete the customer courtesy call upon request.

♦ A 24 hour on call Customer Service representative will be available to you for emergency warranty issues.

♦ That for non-emergency warranty issues; your call to us will be returned within one business day.

♦ A Warranty Service Manager will visit your home within five business days after receiving your eleven month request for service in writing.

♦ Avid Ratings, an independent market research company will follow-up with you and ask how we are doing three different times: just after your pre-construction meeting, 30 days after closing and twelve months after you have lived in your new home.