Gutters and the House Exterior

The outside of your house makes up the most of your house. It protects you from the hot sun and the cold snow. It keeps water out and filtered air in. It is important to inspect the house exterior yearly, both before and after winter.



The gutters along your house help in routing water to a convenient location for draining. Because they are open surfaced, leaves and debris can get in the top and mud and mulch can block the bottom.

  • Be sure to clear out any leaves or debris from both ends to allow rain water to drain and also prevent water to freeze over during the winter.

  • If ice gets caught in the gutters, it will expand and can pull the gutter from the house.


The siding, roof, paint, windows etc. all aren’t weather proof. Wind may blow off shingles, siding may become wavy due to temperature, paint could dull, windows could leak air, etc.

  • Remember that Mother Nature has more control on your house than any of us do. To combat these conditions as much as possible, check the Winterization section for tips on how to prepare for winter.

  • You can check your Verified Warranty Book to see what is covered in the event of damages.