HVAC, Furnace and Air Filters

While your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) unit can warm your house in the winter & keep it cool in the summer. But it is important that you provide the unit the annual checkups it needs! Before every season, it is important to tune up your HVAC system & make sure it is ready for the cold of the winter & heat of the summer. See below for tips and tricks to maintaining your HVAC system.




Your HVAC unit will always be located outside. It is common for debris, weeds, grass, mulch, etc. to build up around the base and edges of the unit.

  • It is important to clear the vents/fans to ensure the system runs smoothly. Build up around the unit can strain the system causing more energy to be consumed, a shorter life span of the unit, and less accurate temperature control in your house.


The furnace can be located in your utility room in your house; however, if you have a basement, the furnace will always be located there.

  • If you have a gas (or any type of fuel) furnace, it is important to inspect the flue of the furnace to be sure the left over gasses can pass to the outside of the house.

  • An electric furnace won’t need to be inspected as carefully, but for the best efficiency, check for any defects.


Air filters are important to change every 30-90 days (depending on brand) as they filter out harmful bacteria, dust, or any other air particles.

  • These air filters can be located throughout the house in living rooms, hallways and bedrooms along with a filter in the furnace.

  • It is important to not obstruct the vents with furniture or appliances as this will minimize the flow of air to and from the HVAC/furnace.