Lawn Care

Whether you call it a yard or a lawn, every house has one. While Mother Nature plays a large part in the success or failure of these as well, to keep one alive without hiring a lawn service, here are some tips! First make sure you know if you chose sod or seed, when building your house.

Sod (or turf grass) are palates of rooted grass that has already sprouted from seeds and placed around the yard for a quick start. However, even though the grass is already sprouted from seeds, to be sure that the grass roots into your yard be sure to water once a day for the first 2 weeks at minimum.


Seed is a bit more complicated to start. Starting from scratch offers requires more time. Seed also requires water at least once a day for the first two weeks. Hay is a good idea to lie down on the seed, and be sure to carry extra seed on hand just in case of any needed re-seeding.


We understand that most of you, like most of us, aren’t lawn care experts. While professionals are readily available, improving your own green thumb can take time and multiple attempts before that sense of accomplishment is achieved.
  • To aid in achieving this, we advise you not to over-water your lawn. Over-watering can drown sod and wash away seed!
  • Also note that soil will never be free of rocks. Tilling the soil with a rake or shovel can help loosen up dirt, but note that some larger rocks could be removed to give the roots more room.

Basic Lawn Care Tips