Keeping your house and family safe is always the number one priority. Here are some tips on how to check that everything is working, along with some recommended items to have on hand.


These should be checked at least once a year, though it is recommended to check every six months. A battery tester and a ladder could be the difference between noticing that fire and not.


Different monitors can do different things. Having a variety of them covers all the bases.

  • If you have little ones, it is a common recommendation to install some sort of baby monitor in the room.

  • Camera monitors by the doors is also a good idea for those times you aren’t going to be home for a long time.

  • Carbon monoxide monitors are a smart idea. The gasses from a furnace can slip thru the creases in a broken flue, to be sure to notice when this is happening, investing in a carbon monoxide detector can save your furnace and your life!


Make sure you have a working one on hand in case a small fire starts!


Safety and efficiency have some of the most impactful effects on homeowners, listed below are some examples of some of the items listed above to stay safe and efficient:

Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Draft Guards
Energy Monitor
Fire Extinguisher
Pipe Insulation
Splash Blocks
Window Film