Sealing and Caulking

Sealing and caulking certain items can prevent water from getting into places it shouldn’t, prevent cracking, and add to the aesthetics of certain parts of the house.

The most important things to seal in your house are the cement outside and the grout between your tile/ceramic floors.
  • Using the appropriate type of sealant, follow the directions to seal the desired areas.
  • Sealing concrete will prevent cracks and sealing tile can prevent not just cracks but also uneven surfaces from appearing.

Caulk is commonly found around sinks, tubs and showers but it is also important to check and caulk the windows, and certain areas outside.
  • Caulk comes in many color variations so it can add to the looks of appliances while keeping out water and debris from areas.
  • The caulk around the house is easy to get to but if caulking the windows or anywhere outside at high risk elevations be sure to use caution if attempting yourself.