Winterizing your house can save you from damages, keep the warm in your house, and save you energy in the process. There have been tips throughout this about winterizing certain items, but below are more tips on how to keep warm this winter!


Flipping that switch on your fan will change the direction the fan spins. Because heat rises, if you reverse the fan it will send the hot air by the ceiling back down to you!


Not everyone flees to warmth in the winter seasons, but if you do. Think about emptying the water lines and pipes around the house and in appliances to avoid freezing while they aren’t being used. However, if you’re staying, be sure to empty any water lines to the outside water spouts and shut the water off at the main valve.


If you have a fire place, and you aren’t using it, think about buying a chimney balloon. This fairly inexpensive item can keep out cold drafts from coming down your chimney!


Putting draft guards under doors will seal off drafts from creeping in.


Sealing the outside of the windows, clearing the gutters, emptying useless exterior water lines, checking to see that the siding or molding doesn’t have cracks or is coming undone will keep air and moisture out of your house in the cold, wet, snowy months.

Winterization Tips