Warranty Coverage

1 Year Coverage
All Materials and Workmanship*
(except landscaping)

2 Year Coverage
Installation of all Mechanical Systems:

- Plumbing
- Heating and Air Conditioning
- Electrical Systems

4 Year Coverage
All Materials and Workmanship*

- Roof and Roof Systems

10 Year Coverage
Coverage Against Structural Defects, including:

- Footings
- Beams
- Trusses
- Bearing Walls
- Structural Fasteners

Extended Warranty Program
All Appliances are covered under the Manufacturer's Warranty.

$500 Extended Warranty Option available through RWC Extended Warranty Program.
Items covered under Extended Warranty:

- All Appliances
- Plumbing
- Heating
- Air Conditioning
- Electrical Systems

Storm Damage
Arbor Homes is NOT your point of contact for Storm Damage.
Please contact your Homeowner's Insurance