ECO Smart

HERS® Home Energy Rating System

What is a HERS Index?

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. It’s also the nationally recognized system for inspect and calculating a home’s energy performance. The HERS Index determines how efficiently your home is operating and when you go to sell your home, a low HERS Index Score can command a higher resale price. On average, Arbor Homes are 25% more energy efficient than a typical new home and 55% more energy efficent than a typical used home!


Arbor Homes believes green homes are better built homes; greater comfort, better efficiency, a healtheir green living environment & more savings. These are just some of the added benefits provided to you from an Eco Smart Arbor home.


Weather Tight Construction Arbor’s reduced outside air infiltration construction processes are implemented on each home to provide additional cost savings and comfort to you. Flashing areas and windows are sealed, and the exterior home envelope is inspected prior to the installation of exterior siding or brick to ensure maximum energy efficiency.
Heating and Cooling System The HVAC system utilizes Puron®, which is an environmentally sound, chlorine-free refrigerant of the future. Bryant is proud to be among the first manufacturers to develop cooling products using non-ozone-depleting Puron® refrigerant. Puron® is superior not only in environmental safety, but in cost saving energy efficiency and performance. Each home includes a digital thermostat for greater accuracy in temperature control.
Advanced Framing with Engineered Floor & Truss System Arbor’s advanced “stick framing” techniques result in homes that are more structurally sound and built with more efficient use of materials. In addition, these techniques allow even more insulation to be placed in walls for greater energy efficiency and cost savings.
Exceptional Fiberglass Insulation Arbor proudly uses Owens Corning Eco-Touch fiberglass
insulation. EcoTouch™ PINK™ FIBERGLASS™ Insulation product platform with PureFiber™ Technology. Owens Corning EcoTouch insulation fuses the industry-leading thermal and acoustical performance characteristics of Owens Corning PINK FIBERGLASS insulation with the innovative, new PureFiber Technology. The result is a high-performance residential and commercial insulation made with natural materials and a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled content -- the highest certified percentage in the fiberglass insulation industry EcoTouch insulation also has achieved GREENGUARD
Children & Schools(SM) Certification and is verified to be formaldehyde free, meeting stringent certification standards for indoor air quality.

Insulated Poured Concrete Foundations Foundation insulation systems reduce the transfer of outside temperatures to the inside of the home. Arbor’s superior foundation insulating methods provide greater comfort and long term savings for you.
Energy Efficient Lighting Each Arbor Home light fixture includes Compact Fluorescent
Light (CFL) bulbs. CFL bulbs are designed to last longer and use less energy. In addition, the CFL bulbs produce less heat and results in cost savings.

Low-VOC Interior Paint & Carpet Sherwin Williams low volatile organic compound (VOC) interior paint, primer and stains and Shaw Industries low volatile organic compound (VOC) carpets assure a better indoor living environment by reducing fumes and chemical emissions.
Flow Optimized Delta Faucets Delta provides flow-optimized aerators on all Delta bathroom faucets and shower heads used in Arbor Homes. Faucet aerators maintain pressure, without sacrificing performance, while utilizing less water. Plus all aerators are LEED-certified. Smart use of water not only helps protect the environment, it also saves money.
Innovation Plumbing Systems NIBCO PEX flexible water line is the clean, green and
healthy plumbing alternative -- no solder, torches, fluxes
or solvents. Connections are made with engineered
fittings that are leak resistant. PEX is quiet, with no pipe
noise. It is durable and resistant to freezing and aggressive
water and soil conditions -- the kind of problems that
cause metal systems to fail.

Superior Performance Low-E Windows & Insulated
Entry Doors
American Low-E Windows reduce solar heat gain, filter ultra violet and infrared light, lower energy costs and reduce the fading of flooring, paint and furniture fabrics while providing unobstructed views. Argon gas fills the narrow space between each pane of glass and is five times heavier than air, which
serves to further enhance window insulation. In addition, superior Therma-Tru insulated polyurethane foam filled entry doors with weather stripping provide greater energy efficiency and cost savings.




* The HERS® Index is a registered trademark of RESNET. Additional information on the HERS Index and RESNET can be found at The HERS Index is computed by an independent rater who is a member of RESNET using RESNET approved software. The HERS Index is not a warranty or guaranty of energy efficiency. Estimated energy efficiency is the percentage difference between the HERS Index for the home plan and the typical new home. The typical new home HERS Index of 100 is based on a home built to the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code. The typical existing home HERS Index of 130 is a U.S. Department of Energy rating per its EnergySmart SM Home Scale located at Arbor Homes is not affiliated with RESNET and hires independent RESNET approved energy raters. Arbor averages are based on tested and rated homes closed in 2015. See your Arbor Homes Community Sales Manager for a complete list of Eco Smart features. As we are constantly improving our product, we reserve the right to change product features, brand names, specifications, dimensions, architectural details and design. Some variations may also occur from community to community. This brochure is not part of a legal contract.