Our Building Process

Building a home should be easy and FUN! Our step by step process makes it simple to purchase a new home and if you have any questions along the way, your community sales manager is here to help.


It's important to establish a budget & determine your buying power! And we know that the mortgage and financing portion of the home buying process can often be confusing and overwhelming. But our goal to make this a great experience for you. That's why we have Trusted Lenders that will be able to help you determine your budget & pre-qualify you right from the model home.


1. Pick the best floorplan and homesite for you.
2. Make your new home final! Sign the purchase agreement and take your new home & homsite off the market!
3. Speak with your lender to gain a final pre-approval.
4. Personalize your home with quality products.
5. Sign off on all selection documents. After we recieve this paperwork, we can pull the permit for your home!


1. Meet with your Front-End Construction Superintendent for your personalized pre-construction meeting. You will go over your home's blueprints! And be sure to ask any questions you might have.
3. Meet with your Front-End Construction Superintendent again for your pre-drywall meeting. You will review the progress made on your home. We want you to be involved!
4. Next, meet with your Back-End Construction Superintendent for the pre-closing inspection.  This is when you will get a proper introduction to your new home. Walk through your new home with your superintendent to inspect the home and ask questions.


It's officially time to hand over the keys! 1 month prior to closing, you will recieve a letter in the mail from Enterprise Title telling you when and where your closing will happen. Prior to your closing day, be sure you transfer all utitlity bills into your name and file all tax exemptions wiht the township tax assessor. (Questions? Contact your lender, community sales manager or the title company) And after you've signed the necessary paperwork, you are officially an Arbor homeowner!