Making it Yours

New construction homes are great for their features, energy efficiency, and options. For a lot of new homeowners, though, filling and organizing a new home can be overwhelming. We know how that feels, since quite a few Arbor Homes employees and contractors live in the homes we build. That’s why the Arbor team keeps an eye out for unique and doable ways to make your home your own. Since we’re neighbors now, we’re happy to pass those along to you!

Tame the sports and gardening equipment.

Customers love the extra garage space you get standard in Arbor’s new construction homes. But that square footage quickly gets cluttered with bikes, lawn mowers, weed eaters, sports equipment, and all that other stuff you just don’t know where to put. Wish you could fit your actual vehicles in there as well? We get it. Let’s get the garage under control once and for all!

Make a window treatment solution easy.

Lots of people are too intimidated to install window blinds. How do you measure for them? How do you put them up? Do you need special tools? You’ll need some sort of window treatment for your new construction home, and blinds are a good start. Don’t worry; you can do this yourself.

Keep clutter at bay.

When you first move in to your new construction home, you’re amazed at all the space you have. Then, after a while, somehow it fills up! With a few key tips you can organize your storage and keep clutter under control, so you can continue to enjoy your home year after year.

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Create cool art that shows your personality.

Now that you’ve got those smooth, painted walls, what are you going to hang on them? Your new construction home may have more wall space than you’ve had before. What better way to fill it than to create your own unique pieces of art? Never considered yourself an artist? No problem. We’ve got easy DIY projects that anyone can handle.