ECO Smart: Energy for the Future

ECO SmartTM: New Home Construction For the Future

At Arbor Homes, we take energy efficiency seriously. Our new home construction rates as 25% more efficient than a typical new home and 55% more efficient than a used home on the Home Energy Rating System® (HERS) index.

How does Arbor make new home construction so much more efficient?

Our ECO SmartTM homes use better construction practices, higher-quality components, and enhanced features to deliver radically better results on the HERS index.

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Why does energy efficiency matter?

The more efficient your home is, the lower your utility bills are month to month—and the greater your home value. Across America, better HERS scores lead to higher resale prices. Energy efficiency—particularly the higher levels you can reach with new home construction—is one of the best ways to protect your home’s value