Got 10 minutes? Let’s get started.

Find Your True Cost to Build a Home…In 10 Minutes or Less

“What does it cost to build a home?” A lot less than you might think. At Arbor, we make buying a new home simple and transparent. Our goal is simple: to build you a quality home you’ll love at a price you can afford. We help you think through the features you need to fit your lifestyle and your budget. The cost to build a home—even one you choose yourself and get brand new—could be less than your current rent payment.

What if I’m not ready?

Sometimes you just want to look at the model homes and dream a little. We get that. But to give you the truest picture of what it will cost to build a home for you, we do need some general information. That’s why we offer a completely FREE credit report—no strings attached. Use it with us, or however you choose. No matter where you are in the decision process, we’d love to see you at one of our model homes. Stop by to see what sets Arbor apart.

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Why get pre-approved?
Getting pre-approved saves you time and hassle—and gets you access to the best interest rates. If you’re ready to look at models and neighborhoods, and want the most accurate assessment of what it will cost to build a home you can afford, the 10 minutes you spend getting pre-approved is time well spent.