Quality + Value

Build a Home With High Quality AND High Value.

You don’t have to choose between quality and affordability when you build. Home styles may vary, but when you build with Arbor, you know you’re getting top-quality design, materials, and workmanship.


Quality comes standard.

We never charge extra for quality features, even if others consider them upgrades. We won’t build a home without smooth painted walls and reliable brands. Rather than charging more, we work through time-tested relationships and contractor agreements, bulk discounts, and a controlled backlog process to help you build a home with higher value at a great price.


Streamlined, transparent process management. 

We used our experience in the industry to create what may be the easiest, most efficient new home build process yet. Using a controlled work timeline, we make sure our contractors stay working and that our materials are the best and always on hand—passing those savings on to you.

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High Quality AND Low Prices? Here's how we do it.

Save the Allen wrench for your coffee table. At Arbor, we take the extra time to build your home piece by piece—nothing is pre-fabricated. This time-tested method ensures better energy efficiency and durability to keep your home in great shape year after year.