Selections + Style

Nothing beats the excitement of new construction. But did you know that your choices go beyond the floorplan? Arbor Homes gives you quality and value, but also supports your choice and style. All of our new homes include name brand features standard, and give you the freedom to customize—or not—as you choose. With Arbor, you choose the features you want, and you never pay for someone else’s priorities.

Stick with the basics, or level up. Your choice.

Our new construction meets a higher standard for style, so even our base price homes are move-in ready. But a little customization goes a long way to making your home fit your lifestyle. At Arbor, it’s always your choice. We take a custom approach: you select the upgrades you want, and save money where you choose.

Our new Design Center helps you visualize your style.

When it comes to new construction, picturing your options can be tough. Even after you visit model homes and choose your floorplan, you might still have questions about your choices. Sometimes you have to see a feature to know how you feel about it.

What do those cabinets look like with that countertop?

How does it feel to walk on different levels of carpet pad?

Would that shower option work for us?

You can’t make these kinds of decisions confidently out of a catalog. That’s why we built a Design Center that showcases all of the options we offer.

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New Construction: Your Choice. Your Style.

You’ve built your dream home—customized to fit your unique style. But the fun doesn’t stop there! We love to talk design, and our team comes up with terrific ideas and solutions to help you keep personalizing your home as you move in and beyond. Need more storage? Looking for a DIY art solution for a blank wall? Want advice about how to arrange furniture in your new space? Arbor has your back.