We Make Building Easy

Once the paperwork is out of the way, the exciting work begins! You’re welcome to stop by your new home site at any time. Watch us break ground, pour the foundation, frame the home, and layer in the features you selected. You’ll love watching your new home take shape. If you have questions along the way, your Arbor team is ready to help, but here are a few things to keep in mind as we build your new home.

Stick built homes do take longer, but they last longer, too.

Because we only use the best contractors, and we never cut corners, our home build timelines do stretch longer than what you might find elsewhere. We don’t bring in pre-fab pieces, and stick built homes take more craftsmanship than kit built houses. The good news is, we work out efficiencies with our contractors and suppliers, and the slightly longer timelines of stick built homes give you better home value and construction that lasts.

See what happens behind the scenes.

You don’t have to monitor the building process at every step—we build in rigorous inspections to protect your investment and save you that stress—but it’s fun to watch key steps in the home building process. Our team keeps you updated on progress and scheduling, so you’ll know what to expect.

A stick built home is worth the wait.

Building a high-quality home does take time, but it’s worth the wait to get a new home rather than living with someone else’s choices and used living spaces. As you watch the process, you’ll have time to save more for your down payment, and our area has plenty of affordable, comfortable short-term leasing options if you need them. Our team is always on hand to help. Reach out for suggestions and assistance at any point in the process.

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This is about you.

It’s all about you, the homeowner. We are committed to building your dream home and, to help us ensure you are delighted with your home buying experience, we have joined forces with Avid Ratings.

Avid Ratings is an independent research firm providing surveys, consulting and training exclusively to the home building industry. If you are an Arbor homeowner, you will be invited to respond to questions either via mail, email or phone, which will give you the opportunity to provide honest and timely feedback about our processes, products and service. Whether we have delighted you every step of the way or did not exceed your expectations, we appreciate and value your feedback.

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“Wow! What a beautiful experience. I have bought a number of homes in the past, but none of them ever came anywhere close to the experience we had with Arbor Homes. We had minimal stress and this has become the single best investment and decision that we have made in over 60 years. My hat goes off to the staff at Arbor Homes. They have found a way to capture the good in life and transfer it into a product with great workmanship, quality, and class. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” – Donald & Charlie, Legacy Farms

“I can call, email, or text either my sales rep, superintendent, or loan officer at any time and have a call back or an answer to my questions immediately. They are also all extremely knowledgeable in their field. You can tell that they’ve had long-time loyalty to their employer and truly understand and believe what they are selling/building. They had very prompt, professional, and accurate responses to each and every question or concern we had. They never treated us like a nuisance, ever.” -Christine H., Cheyenne Lakes

“Gena made the home buying process amazingly easy and was so great to work with. She honestly made the whole experience so approachable and memorable. I really like the variety of price points and floor plans, but having a sales person that was so friendly honestly made all of the difference and was a big reason we chose to build with Arbor instead of others that we toured.” -Jenna & Robert W., Wyndstone

“I had a great experience and would not change a thing. I just spoke with some friends about Arbor Home as well. I love everything about my house and my neighborhood. Thank you!” -Cynthia S., Winding Ridge

“We were provided with a ton of options, but not too many to make us feel overwhelmed. Matt did an awesome job to make sure that we stayed within our comfortable budget, but also being able to keep all the upgrades that we felt necessary to make this our perfect home.” -Jared & Kaylie F., Briarstone


When will I be asked to give my feedback?
You will be given the opportunity to complete three surveys. You will receive the first one while your home is being built, requesting feedback about the sales and design processes. You will receive second survey 30-days after moving into your new home, requesting information on your buying experience and home features. Your final survey will arrive approximately 13-months post closing, inquiring about your overall experience and home features.

What’s in it for me?
Your candid feedback about Arbor Homes will impact their processes and practices. In addition, by submitting your feedback you will automatically become eligible to win up to $500 in cash.

Who will see my completed survey results?
Avid Ratings will provide your results to Arbor Homes.

Will my personal information be sold or given to telemarketers?
Absolutely not! The contact information provided by Arbor Homes is used for surveying and reporting purposes only.