Buy New + Build

Should I buy a home, or keep renting? Buy a used house or build a new home? Builder A or Builder B? Do I have time for this?

You have questions about homeownership. We understand—buying a home is a big deal! Since many of us own Arbor homes ourselves, we’ve been through this process and we’re happy to help.

Here’s how this works.

As a new home builder dedicated to helping people become homeowners with less stress and hassle, Arbor designed our buying process to be as quick, easy, and as enjoyable as possible. In fact, we boiled it down to five steps, and none of them take very long. Our team is trained to help you make great decisions so we can start building your dream home right away.

We’re here to make building easy.

From breaking ground to final finishes, your Arbor team manages the region’s top contractors as they build your home. You’re welcome on-site at any time, and you’re free to enjoy the process knowing that your new home is in good hands.

First-time homebuyer? No worries.

If you’ve never bought a home before, you have a wide range of financing options, and might need more help navigating the process of building your new home. Builder terms and deadlines may be new to you, but Arbor gives you all you need to build your new home with confidence.

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